All Firmware LAVA By Jogja Cell

Flair E1
LAVAFlair E1 s114 Download

Flair E2
LAVA Flair E2 S107 Download 

Flair P1
LAVA Flair P1 s010 Download 
LAVAFlair P1 s012 Download 

Flair P1i
LAVA Flair P1i s104 Download

Flair Z1
LAVA Flair Z1 s806L Download

Iris 100 Lite
LAVA IRIS 100L sw14 Download

Iris 250
LAVA IRIS 250 20140812 Download
LAVA IRIS 250 20140917 Download
LAVA IRIS 250 20141223 Download
LAVA IRIS 250 20150506 Download

Iris 300 Style
LAVA IRIS 300 Style v13 Download
LAVA IRIS 300 Style v17 Download

Iris 310 Style
LAVA IRIS 310 Style s011 Download

Iris 325 Style
LAVA IRIS 325 style s107 Download

Iris 348
LAVA IRIS 348 v07 Download

Iris 349
LAVA IRIS 349 Download

Iris 349 Sleek
LAVA IRIS 349 Sleek s102 Download

Iris 349+ (Plus)
LAVA IRIS 349 Plus Download

Iris 349i
LAVA IRIS 349i s101 Download
LAVA IRIS 349i s102 Download

Iris 349s
LAVA IRIS 349s s106 Download
LAVA IRIS 349s s107 Download
LAVA IRIS 349s s108 Download
LAVA IRIS 349s s111 Download
LAVA IRIS 349s s112 Download

Iris 350M
LAVA IRIS 350 M Download

Iris 351
LAVA IRIS 351 Download

Iris 352 Flair
LAVA IRIS 352 Flair s109 Download

Iris 352e
LAVA IRIS 352E Download

Iris 354
LAVA IRIS 354 Download

Iris 354 E
LAVA IRIS 354E s109 Download
LAVA IRIS 354E s110 Download
LAVA IRIS 354E s113 Download

Iris 355
LAVA IRIS 355 Download

Iris 356
LAVA IRIS 356 s114 Download
LAVA IRIS 356 s118 Download
LAVA IRIS 356 s120 Download

Iris 360 Music
LAVA IRIS 360 Music Download

Iris 370
LAVA IRIS 370 v04 Download
LAVA IRIS 370 v05 Download

Iris 400 Colour
LAVA IRIS 400c s111 Download

Iris 400 Q
LAVA IRIS 400Q s09 Download
LAVA IRIS 400Q s11 Download

Iris 400s
LAVA IRIS 400s s113 Download

Iris 401
LAVA IRIS 401 s005 Download

Iris 401e
LAVA IRIS 401E s111 Download
LAVA IRIS 401E s114 Download

Iris 402 
LAVA IRIS 402 s016 Download
LAVA IRIS 402 s021 Download
LAVA IRIS 402 s027 Download
LAVA IRIS 402 s028 Download
LAVA IRIS 402 s031 Download
LAVA IRIS 402 s032 Download

Iris 402+ (Plus)
LAVA IRIS 402 Plus Download

Iris 402e
LAVA IRIS 402e s009 Download
LAVA IRIS 402e s010 Download

Iris 404 E
LAVA IRIS 404E s110 Download
LAVA IRIS 404E s111 Download

Iris 404 Flair
LAVA IRIS 404 Flair s109 Download

Iris 405
LAVA IRIS 405 s113 Download
LAVA IRIS 405 s122 Download
LAVA IRIS 405 s124 Download
LAVA IRIS 405 s126 Download

Iris 405+
LAVA IRIS 405 Plus s112 Download
LAVA IRIS 405 Plus s115 Download
LAVA IRIS 405 Plus s117 Download
LAVA IRIS 405 Plus s122 Download

Iris 406 Q
LAVA IRIS 406Q s118 Download
LAVA IRIS 406Q s128 Download
LAVA IRIS 406Q Kitkat Download

Iris 410
LAVA IRIS 410 s005 Download

Iris 414
LAVA IRIS 414 Download

Iris 430
LAVA IRIS 403 Download

Iris 444
LAVA IRIS 444 v06 Download
LAVA IRIS 444 v07 Download
LAVA IRIS 444 v08 Download

Iris 450
LAVA IRIS 450 Download

Iris 450 Colour+ (plus)
LAVA IRIS 450P s304 Download
LAVA IRIS 450P s403 Download

Iris 454
Lava_Iris_454_S107_20130130 Download

Iris 455
Lava_Iris_455_S102_20130304 Download
Lava_Iris_455_S105_20140121 Download

Iris 456
Lava_Iris_456_S118_20130909 Download
Lava_Iris_456_S121_20131111 Download
Lava_Iris_456_S125_20140425 Download

Iris 458 Q
Lava_Iris_458q_S017_S0604 Download

Iris 460
Lava_Iris_460_S007_20140728 Download

Iris 465
Lava_Iris_465_S009_20141216 Download
Lava_Iris_465_S011_20141226 Download
Lava_Iris_465_S012_20150213 Download

Iris 470
Lava_Iris_470_S105_20141205 Download

Iris 500
Lava_Iris_500_v08_20140927 Download

Iris 501
Lava_Iris_501_S111_20130403 Download
Lava_Iris_501_S112_20130618 Download

Iris 502
Lava_Iris_502_S106_20130124 Download
Lava_Iris_502_S106_20130218 Download
Lava_Iris_502_S110_20130312 Download

Iris 503
Lava_Iris_503_S126_20131028 Download

Iris 503e
Lava_Iris_503e_S136_20131028 Download

Iris 504
Lava_Iris_504_S103_20130520 Download

Iris 504 Q
Lava_Iris_504Q_S103_20130520 Download
Lava_Iris_504Q_S109_20130719 Download
Lava_Iris_504Q_S111_20130812 Download

Iris 504 Q+ (Plus)
Lava_Iris_504Q+_S012_20140327 Download

Iris 505
Lava_Iris_505_S103_20130808 Download

Iris 506 Q
Lava_Iris_506Q_S103_20130709 Download
Lava_Iris_506Q_S104_20140123 Download
Lava_Iris_506Q_S104_20140401 Download

Iris 550 Q
Lava_Iris_550Q_S125_20140306 Download

Iris Alpha
Lava_Iris_Alfa_S107_20141216 Download
Lava_Iris_Alfa_S111L_20150612 Download
Lava_Iris_Alfa_S111L_OTA_20150612 Download

Iris Alpha L
Lava_Iris_AlfaL_S014_20150326 Download

Iris Atom 2
Lava_Iris_Atom_2_S106_20150717 Download
Lava_Xtron_Z704_V009_20140902 Download
Lava_Iris_Atom_2_S204L_20150915 Download

Iris Atom 2x
Lava_Atom_2X_S102L_20151015 Download

Iris atom 3
Lava_Iris_Atom_3_S109_20151125 Download
Lava_Iris_Atom_3_S110_20160108 Download
Lava_Iris_Atom_3_S111_20160326 Download

Iris Fuel 10
Lava_Iris_Fuel10_973719_9905_V010194 Download
Lava_Iris_Fuel10_973730_990F_V010073 Download

Iris Fuel 20
Lava_Iris_Fuel_20_V06_20141219 Download

Iris Fuel 25
Lava_Iris_Fuel25_S0007_20141228 Download

Iris Fuel 50
Lava_Iris_Fuel50_S007_20140910 Download
Lava_Iris_Fuel50_S009L_20150311 Download
Lava_Iris_Fuel50_S015_20141212 Download

Iris Fuel 60
Lava_Iris_Fuel60_S024_20150103 Download
Lava_Iris_Fuel60_S025_20150209 Download

Iris Fuel F1
Lava_Iris_Fuel_F1_S029_20150913 Download

Iris Fuel F1 Mini 
Lava_Fuel_F1_Mini_S005_20150811 Download

Iris Fuel F2
Lava_Iris_Fuel_F2_S011_20160330 Download

Iris Pro 20
Lava_Iris_Pro_20_S125 Download

Iris Pro 30
Lava_Iris_Pro_30_S123_20131216 Download
Lava_Iris_Pro_30_S124_20140127 Download
Lava_Iris_PRO_30_S125_20140603 Download

Iris Pro 30+
Lava_Iris_Pro_30_Plus_S008 Download

Iris Selfie 50
Lava_Iris_Selfie_50_X5033LV_Java_1G_V13 Download
Lava_Iris_Selfie_50_X5033LV_Java_1G_V14 Download

Iris Win 1
Lava_Iris_Win1_TBW570316_9616_WP_V8041 Download

Iris X1
Lava_Iris_X1_X4521LV_Java_1G_S404_band15 Download
Lava_Iris_X1_X4521LV_Java_1G_V18_band15 Download
Lava_Iris_X1_X4530LV_Java_S603_band15 Download
Lava_Iris_X1_X4530LV_Java_S209_band15 Download
Lava_Iris_X1_X4530LV_Java_S505_band15 Download

Iris X1 Atom
Lava_Iris_X1_Atom_8GB_S103_20150514 Download
Lava_Iris_X1_Atom_S107_20150722 Download
Lava_Iris_X1_atom_S108_20150408 Download
Lava_Iris_X1_Atom_S114_20150722 Download

Iris X1 Atom S
Lava_X1_Atom_S_S006_20150515 Download
Lava_X1_Atom_s_S011_20150723 Download
Lava_X1_Atom_s_S013_20150813 Download

Iris X1 Beats
Lava_Iris_X1_Beats_S110_20150123 Download
Lava_Iris_X1_Beats_S112_20150411 Download

Iris X1 Grand
Lava_Iris_X1_Grand_M10_1G_S010 Download
Lava_Iris_X1Grand_S105_20150312 Download
Lava_Iris_X1_Grand_KK_to_Lollipop Download

Iris X1 Mini
Lava_Iris_X1_Mini_S111_20150115 Download
Lava_Iris_X1_Mini_S117_20150805 Download

Iris X1 Selfie
Lava_Iris_X1_Selfie_S025_20150711 Download

Iris X5
Lava_Iris_X5_X5021LV_Java_1G_S112 Download
Lava_Iris_X5_X5021LV_Java_1G_S113 Download
Lava_Iris_X5_X5021LV_Java_1G_S114 Download
Lava_Iris_X5_M10_1G_S011_band1 Download
Lava_Iris_X5_M10_1G_S012_band1_20150519 Download

Iris X5 4G
Lava_Iris_X5_4G_S107_20150708 Download

Iris X8
Lava_Iris_X8_S010_20150212 Download
Lava_Iris_X8_S016_20150313 Download
Lava_Iris_x8_S018_20150429 Download
Lava_Iris_X8_L_S007_20151008 Download

Lava 412 3G
Lava_Iris_412_S008_20140422 Download
Lava_Iris_412_S013_20141230 Download

Lava 415 3G
Lava_Iris_415_S007_20140325 Download

Lava A52

LAVA_A52_S109_20160216 Download

Lava A59
LAVA_A59_S112_20160513 Download

Lava A67
LAVA_A67_SPD_S112_20160516 Download

Lava A71
Lava_A71_MT_S115_20160206 Download

Lava A72
Lava_A72_S108_20160411 Download

Lava A76
Lava_A76_SPD_S110_20160401 Download

Lava A79
LAVA_A79_S108_20160506 Download
LAVA_A79_S110_20160601 Download

Lava A82
LAVA_A82_SPD_W031_M00_S11B_160429 Download

Lava A88
LAVA_A82_SPD_W031_M00_S11B_160429 Download

Lava A89
Lava_A89_S103_20160513 Download

Lava Icon

Lava_Iris_Icon_S103_201501223 Download

Lava P7
LAVA_P7_S105_20160115 Download
LAVA_P7_S106_20160223 Download
LAVA_P7_S110_20160517 Download

Lava V2s
LAVA_LavaV2s_S105_20151226 Download

Lava  V5
LAVA_V5_S105_20151223 Download
LAVA_V5_S107_20160201 Download

Lava X10
Lava_X10_S008_20151020 Download

Lava X11
Lava_X11_S110_20160302 Download

Lava X3

Lava_X3_S108_20151222 Download

Lava X46
Lava_X46_S801_20160330 Download

Lava X81
LAVA_X81_S112_20160426 Download

Pixel V1
Lava_Pixel_V1_S015_20150707 Download
Lava_Pixel_V1_S019_20150910 Download
Lava_Pixel_V1_S030_20151228 Download
Lava_Pixel_V1_S103_20150910 Download
Lava_Pixel_V1_S109_20151228 Download
Lava_Pixel_V1_S111_20160224_Marshmallow Download 
Lava_Pixel_V1_S110_20160123_Marshmallow_Gold Download
Lava_Pixel_V1_S031_20160122__Marshmallow_White Download 

Pixel V2
Lava_Pixel_V2_S110_20151031 Download
Lava_Pixel_V2_S114_20160115 Download
Lava_Pixel_V2_3GB_S106_20160301 Download
Lava_Pixel_V2_3GB_S107_20160425 Download

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