Tips Mengatasi Penyimpanan Foto Di VIVO Y15

Selamat siang pembaca setia fileandsharing.com admin kali ini akan membagikan Tips Mengatasi Penyimpanan Foto Di VIVO Y15 perlu di ketahui artikel ini saya kutip dari sini. Oke mari kita simak pembahasannya disini:

Cara mengatasi Camera Penyimpana saat menjalankan, waktu pakai foto tapi yang kita foto tidak ke save di memori ataupun di galery, udah di flash lewat spflashtool pun tidak mempan dan di update offline lewat recovery bawaan selalu aborted juag udah di format sama juga.

Dowload semua bahan yang di butuhkan di bawah ini:
Oke masuk tehap exsekusi:

Pertama xtrak firmware lalu ganti revocey sama file Philthouch Recovery  tapi nama y rubah jadi recovery gunanya agar handphone terpasang recover MOD biar bisa pasang Custom Rom kalau sudah flash langsung az lewat spflashtoo. Tunggu samapi beres.. Kalau sudah beres kita lanjut ke tahap berikutnya buat instal custom rom di bawah ini

Tutorial Install Stay Os Rom
Download Stay-OS-XXXXXXXX.zip
Simpan hasil download ke sdcard
Pastikan kamu sudah memiliki custom recovery ( philz )
Masuk ke Mode Recovery
-Wipe data
-Wipe cache
-wipe dliv cache
-format system
-format cache
-format data
-Flash Stay-OS-XXXXXXXX.zip dari sdcard
-Reboot and Done

Dan coba sekaran buat berfoto ria handphone teman-teman sudah kembali normal seperti semula.
Sampai disini pertemuan kita sampai berjumpa di artikel selanjutnya>>>>



you need to know that Stay Yourself ROM / Stay OS Rom is a ROM-based Mediatek (for the moment) that is modified specifically for everyday use and also offers a wide range of colors and new features for users of his and also better performance for Mobile you.
* Your warranty is now void.
* We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* Thermonuclear war, or you getting fired Because The alarm app failed. Please
* Do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* Before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make-Reviews These modifications, and if
* You point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you.
Directly to the principal Postings ya :) ranging from Os Stay feature the latest and hottest this :)
Navigation Bar
-enable / Disable Navbar
High -Set navbar
-Custom Icon
-enable / Disabling the operator's name
-Moves Clock on the right or left
Displays seconds on the clock
Displays the name of the day on the clock
-Setting Color hour
-Merubah Style icon
Battery icon
Colors on the battery icon
-enable / Disable the battery icon
-enable / Disabling the percentage of battery level
-Monitor Internet data
-Set Color monitor Data
-Setting Dynamic color
-Features Gestures anywhere
-Application Circular
-level Visibility
-size Quick keys
Panel recents
-enable / Disable button deletion
-enable / Disabling of the memory
-the Location deletion button (right or left)
-Screen Notifications
-Pemberitahuan Weather
-This Setting fast
-Selection Lot and location shortcut
-Press Long on the icon to enter the settings
-as Occupying music with a single click
-Merekam Sound and the screen easily
-Meminimalisir RAM with a single click
-Slider Screen brightness
Lock screen
-change Background image
-Animated On the keyboard
-Animated To scroll the screen
-Animated System
-Animated Toast
Features and New Applications
-Colors Dynamically set colors at certain hours
-Voice recorder
-Manager File
-And Much More More
Changelog v3.0
- Style dark / light
- Add the task manager for expanded
- Add font installer
- New icon signal (5 items)
- New icon signal (5 items)
- Add dynamic systembar
- New volume panel
- Add time volume timeout
- Add the guest user
- More performance Stabilize
- Etc
For Bugs to this day I still have not found Bugs in ROM Stay Os v3 is ,,, maybe if you find Bugs that are in this rom ,, please comment and fix together :)

Installation Tutorial:
Download ROM Her
Download Patch her if using Acer Z200
Wipe Cache
Wipe Data
Wipe Dalvik / cache
Flash ROM
Flash Patch (If the user Acer Acer Z205 Z200 when to skip this step)
If there is no choice, the root blablalba … yes, no
then choose Yes :) so that your smartphone automatically Rooted,
after booting to HS
Sign in to Kinguser / Kingroot
press the circle in the middle
wait till its loading 100 / Repair Rooted mate Smartphone is complete :)
Rom finished ready serve with the warm :)

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