[GUIDE] [FAT32] [EXT4] [SWAP] [2.3+] How to Partition your Android MicroSD Card

i Guys! Today I will teach you how to make a partition in your MicroSD Card.
Is very useful have a dedicated partition to have your Apps, and other for you data. The swap partition is very useful to spped-up your system, but NEVER can cosiderated how additional Ram memory. All depends of you SD speed.
If you know something of Android, the process is very simple, however, I made this guide as easy as I could, with screenshots and stuffs.

- A Smartphone (this guide is based in 2011 MDPI)
- Root
- Busybox
- Android (Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean, I tested in 4.0.4 & I use in 4.1.2)
- Unlocked Bootloader (need EXT4 support, not allowed in stock kernel)
- EXT4 Kernel Support (most of kernels for Xperia 2011 have EXT4 support)
- A FORMATED 8GB MicroSD Card or Higher
- The MiniTool Partition Wizard (Free)

After to Partition your MicroSD Card (to step 2 & 3):

Swapper 2 (for Root Users)
NOTE: I’m no responsible if you brick your phone, be very careful.
Ready? Here We GO 
Step 1: Partition your MicroSD Card
Note: To make this post, I will use an 16 GB card how as example, but if you have lower on higer, can use it choosing your favorite sizes. Sizes witch I used are for reference, and you can use the sizes what you prefer. Repeat, I am NOT responsable for damages in your MicroSD Card, Phone on another damage in your hardware.

First To All, Connect your MicroSD with the adapter and open MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition

You can see the principal partition of you memory. Right Click and Choose Delete

Now right click in your memory and click "Create". Set the dialog how the image.

Next, click in the Unallocated space, click in yes and set it a new partition how this image:

To continue, click again in the Unallocated space, click again in yes and set it again a new partition how this image:

Now click in apply.

And Wait for the action finish.

When has finished, disconnect your MicroSD (secure) and follow the step 2.
Step 2: Setting Up Your Phone: Link2SD 
Now, we procced to configure the Swap, and the EXT4 for apps partition in your phone.

First Install Link2SD.

Shut down your Phone and put the partitioned MicroSD card in your phone. Now Start your Phone and open "Link2SD", and give Root Permisions. Select ext4, wait while script is creating and reboor your phone.


Open again the Link2SD and go to Settings, and choose this parameters.


Now, when your install an app, this will be automatical moved to the EXT4 partition. Remember, when you will going to install an app and wanna have in your phone memory, discheck "Auto Link", and install, after recheck "Auto Link". With Link2SD you can install, uninstall, Link and remove links of your apps.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Phone: Swapper 2 
Now we configure the SWAP partition in our Android. Is very simple. Install Swapper 2 , open and set Root permission, and click in "Ads Off"

Now go to Settings and set "Swap Size" and "Swappiness" how show the images.


Now go to Advanced Preferences and set this:

Now go to principal screen of Swapper 2 and ON the swap partition.

Finish! Now, you have you SWAP partition working 

Enjoy you Phone with EXT4 + SWAP! 
NOTE: this tutorial and the images are of my authority. Remember, this is only any of a lot of ways to part your MicroSD Card (CWM, TWRP and other windows apps and linux commands make it) and get SWAP working (there are millions of scripts and other apps that do), but this is the way that I use and think is the easiest to get swap and ext4 parts.

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